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Based on the life of the beloved American artist, “The Four Freedoms” explores the artist’s struggles to create and publish his famous series of paintings depicting Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear.  


The production is set during the tumultuous period of World War II, and includes Rockwell’s story as well as fictional characters whose lives have been changed by the war.  From a humorous production number about giving up nylon stockings to a moving song about a man’s passionate desire to serve his country, the score covers the range of emotion and experiences of the War era.  


Rockwell’s “Four Freedoms” were inspired by Franklin Roosevelt’s and Winston Churchill’s famous document, “The Atlantic Charter.”  The series of paintings was acclaimed to be a galvanizing force for the war effort. Emily and Lacy draw many parallels between Rockwell’s time and our own.  The brave families of the World War II generation took a stand to defend the America we know today. Our generation is challenged to do the same as we face this war on terrorism,” says Emily Grace who co-authored the script and score with her sister Lacy. 

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